11th of May 2015 Ghoul Patrol new album

Hey guys! The second Ghoul Patrol album "The Undying" has finally been released! Unfortunately it will also be the last.

Due to lack of time and wanting to pursue other interests we have decided to call it a day. Underneath you will find links to Spotify, iTunes and Google Play Music, so go check it out!

Hopefully you will enjoy our new and final album.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us over the years, we really had a blast!

Death'n'Roll All Night Long!



Google Play Music

11th of April 2014 MUSIC VIDEO

New Ghoul Patrol music video from the upcoming album "The Undying" online! Check it out!

Tässä uusi musiikkivideo Ghoulien tulevalta levyltä "The Undying".

6th of November 2013 NEWS UPDATE

What's Up!? Well, the new Ghoul Patrol album is finished. We can't wait to get it out so all of you can hear what we've come up with. But as many of you know, we are not continuing our collaboration with Spinefarm Records, so we are looking for a new partner. But be sure that in the beginning of 2014 we'll be back to rock!

Noniin! Ghoulien toinen levy on saatu valmiiksi ja toivottavasti saadan se pian kaikkien kuultavaksi. Kuten monet tietää, emme enään jatka yhteistyötä Spinefarmin kanssa, joten hetki menee että uudet kuviot saadan setvittyä. Mutta 2014 läskit palaa lavalle uuden levyn saattelemana ja se on lupaus!

5th of May 2013 New Songs

We recorded some demos of our new songs which we'll be recording for our next album this summer. Check it out! -> SoundCloud

Ollaan tuossa demoteltu uuden levyn biisejä, ja tässä pari maistiaista mitä seuraavalta levyltä on odotettavissa! -> SoundCloud

23rd of March 2013 SPECIAL SHOW

We'll be playing at PRKL CLUB Helsinki on 3.5. This will propably be our only gig this spring before we hit the studio, so be sure to be there!

Niin, elikkäs tän kevään ainoa keikka on PRKL CLUBILLA Helsingissä 3.5. Keikalla tulemme soittamaan paljon uutta materiaalia, eli kannattaa tulla paikan päälle!

22nd of November 2012 MERRY CHRISTMAS

Ou yeah boy! It's been a year since our debut album came out, and you know what that means? IT'S TIME TO SELL IT HALF PRICE! Go check it out HERE and have a merry christmas.

Noniin, vuosi on mennyt siitä kun tuo debyytti saatiin pihalle. Jos et vielä omista, niin nyt on aika hankkia se, sillä sehän on myynnissä puoleen hintaan! Eikun joulu ostoksille tänne -> LEVYKAUPPAX

18th of October 2012 News

Good news everybody, we've started composing music for our next album! It will be recorded next year and hopefully also released during 2013.

We played our last gig for this year a couple of weeks ago with Entombed at Virgin Oil, Helsinki. Here's the whole show filmed from the stage!

13th of September 2012 ENTOMBED

Great news! We'll be opening for the legendary ENTOMBED in Virgin Oil on 5.10. Be sure to be there!

11th of September 2012 Shows

Couple of shows added. We'll be playing with our good friends Carnalation in Pori and Seinäjoki this month. Check out the dates in the shows section.

28th of May 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT

A little bit of bad news.

Albert has decided to quit Ghoul Patrol. This was his decision and we respect it. We would like to thank Albert for all the work he put in the band and especially for all the good times we had together!

As for now, we have a replacement for the summer gigs. Niki Jurmu (ex-Thrashgrinder) will join the ranks for now. So all gigs will be played as planned!

23rd of May 2012 TUSKA AFTERPARTY

We'll be playing with Moonsorrow and Gaf @ Virgin Oil Tuska afterparty club on June 29th!

18th of May 2012 MUSIC VIDEO

Our first official music video for the song "SIX FEET UNDER" is here! Check it out!

4th of May 2012 NUMMIROCK

Great news, we have been confirmed to play at Nummirock Festival! More on the exact date later. You can check out the rest of the festival lineup here.

3rd of May 2012 In Flames

We want to thank all the great audiences we had during our four shows supporting In Flames! You guys rocked every single night!!

BIG thanks also go to the awesome IN FLAMES and all the great people we had the honour to meet!!! We hope to do this again some day!! Also we want to thank Livenation for helping us out, thank you Elina!

Here's some video footage from our show in Teatria Oulu. Check it out -> here!

25th of April 2012 Video & In Flames

Tommorrow we'll be filming a music video for our song "Six Feet Under". The video will be directed by Tage Rönnqvist. We have a little surprise coming on our video, so be sure to check it out!

On friday we start the Finnish tour with In Flames. Hope to see a lot of you there at the shows! Oh yeah, we have a little surprise for those shows also :) so be sure to turn up!

19th of March 2012 Shows

We'll be playing at the Dark River Festival 17-18.8. More info later on the exact date. Here are the first confirmed bands -> Dark River Festival

8th of March 2012 Shows

Two shows added. Oulu Nuclear Nightclub 7.4 and Kultursalen Parainen 8.4. Both shows will be accompanied by our good friends Bob Malmström. Come and check it out!

13th of January 2012 Finnish Metal Expo

Great news! We're playing at Finnish Metal Expo on saturday 18.2. Be there!

31st of December 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR

We would like to thank you all for your amazing support during year 2011! It was a great year for GP as we released our debut album, played awesome gigs with amazing bands and got the chance to meet some of the best people in the world, our fans!

See you guys on the road in 2012!!!

13th of December 2011 DOM Helsinki

We're sorry to inform you, but our show in DOM Helsinki 12.1.2012 has been cancelled. Hopefully we'll get another show in Helsinki soon!

22nd of November 2011 IN FLAMES

It's official! We'll be touring Finland with In Flames in April 2012! Check out the dates from the shows section.

21st of November 2011 FINNISH METAL AWARDS

Maybe the best newcomer? Maybe the best album ever made? Maybe the coolest album cover art on the planet? Maybe the best looking and sexiest guys in the business? Or maybe all of these?! FINNISH METAL AWARDS 2012 are here and we're counting on your votes, dear death 'n' rollers! You can vote HERE. Cheers!

7th of November 2011 News

First gigs after the release of our album are done. We have had a really good time and would like to thank everyone whose been to see the shows and all the bands that we have played with!

Here are some pictures from Oulu Teatria and Jyväskylä Lutakko by Toni Salminen.

You can also check out some video footage from the Lutakko show here.

2nd of November 2011 News

The album has now been out for a week and it seems to be doing pretty well. reviewed it and gave it a 10/10 which you can read here (Finnish and English). Also Kaaoszine did a review and gave it 9/10 which you can check out here (only Finnish).

19th of October 2011 UPDATE

So, we're one week away from the release of our debut album. You now have a chance for an exclusive prelistening at here. Check it out!

27th of September 2011 UPDATE

We'll be touring with Profane Omen in November. Check out the dates from the shows section.

We are also working on a new t-shirt design, which you will eventually be able to order from Recordshop X with our album.

17th of September 2011 UPDATE

Bono estente! So, we have finished the album recordings and it sounds awesome! As many have propably heard, we have signed with Spinefarm Records. We are very happy to be working with them and we can't wait to get the album out.

Our self-titled album will be out on the 26th of October. You can already pre-order the album from Recordshop X here

We will be playing at the Metalheim Festival, which takes place on the 28th and 29 of October. On the 28th we will be playing at Nosturi Helsinki and on the 29th in Teatria Oulu. We are going to play loads of new songs, so come and check it out!

10th of June 2011: UPDATE

Howdie! The recordings of the new album have started really well. We've recorded most of the rhytm stuff and the material suonds killer!

We have also updated the Media section. We have added new live and studio pictures. Check them out here.

29th of May 2011: Studio

Ghoul Patrol is stepping into the studio tomorrow, to record their first full-length album.

We are all very excited and can't wait to start working on it. Stay tuned for some studio footage from these sessions. The album will propably come out during the fall, but more on that later.

There's also a new song online in myspace, so check it out!

- Ghoul Patrol